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Ochanomizu University to accept non-women

Ochanomizu University to accept non-women who recognize themselves as female in addition to any women (including ones recognizing themselves as male and neutral). I think it's a very large step, and I want them to keep going but not stop here.

Note for those who are not familiar with Japanese universities: it used to be a women-only university but will introduce a new policy from next year.

In the short term, it is strongly needed to support students accepted by the new policy not only in the school but also around it. Do all apartment owners accept these students? I don't think so. Do all stations in Tokyo have universal restrooms? No they don't. I hope this new policy will have an impact to the society around the school as well.

In the long term, I believe now in this information era is the time to re-consider the long established concept of male vs. female. Why do we need to distinguish the two and map every single person to either of them? Why should the biological differences spiritually affect the way of thinking? How can we find a compromise in the real world where some do not wanna be distinguished (not discriminated) but others do feel comfortable being categorized? I hope this new policy will be a trigger to initiate constructive discussions, but not meaningless quarrels as usually seen in equality-related stuff.